Claude Deserved Better

It’s been two days since the Boston Bruins announced the firing of head coach Claude Julien, and they honestly couldn’t have done it in a worse way. Tuesday morning in Boston was supposed to be a day of celebration, due to the fact the New England Patriots won the fucking super bowl. The weather wasn’t great but that wasn’t going to stop any of us from getting rowdy in the streets of Boston. As I was driving up to the city, I get a notification on my phone from the NHL app reading “Boston Bruins have fired head coach Claude Julien.” From what started as a really good mood turned into an immense amount of rage.

There were talks all season of Claude getting the boot this year based on the team’s performance, but with less than half a season left this didn’t make sense. The B’s have had a less than successful season, although they’re currently fighting for a playoff spot. There’s been this lack of consistency, I’ve said it before, but I’m not sure you can blame the coach much for that. The players are the ones on the ice, making mistakes, letting up big time goals in big time moments. I’m not saying Julien is completely faultless here by any means, but I strongly disagree with the midseason firing. If the Bruins missed the playoffs this year for the third year in a row, I’d be on board with saying a coaching change is necessary. But… It’s only February. We’ve still got a lot of hockey left until then. This is the winningest coach in Bruins history, a ten-year veteran in the system, and poof… Gone.

If the higher ups in the Bruins organization really thought firing Julien would be what the team needs to find success going forward this season and seasons to come, that’s all well and good. However, to decide to do it on what is pretty much a region wide holiday was about as cowardly as it gets. The Patriots’ parade was schedule to start at 11am. The Bruins so conveniently decided to hold a press conference discussing the firing at 11:30am, when most of the media aside from the Bruins beat writers, were covering the parade. Cam Neely, Bruins president, and also Bruins royalty said there’s no coincidence in the timing of the firing… Not sure how many of us believe that.

If you’re looking for my opinion on all of this… Here it is: this is bullshit. This organization as a whole has been disappointing the last few years and this just shows there’s no looking up as of yet. I thought with getting rid of former GM Peter Chiarelli we’d be seeing the revival of the B’s, but it’s been quite the opposite. All the players are finally getting their heads out of their asses and saying things along the lines of “we didn’t play hard enough for Claude.” NO SHIT. It’s a little too late to be saying that now, and I’m sure he really appreciates the sudden epiphany. Cleaning house seems like the best option for this team. Get rid of Neely and Sweeney, make some roster moves, fix it up.

Claude released a statement this morning, and it was kind of heartbreaking.


I seriously hope he gets brought in by another team and leads them to the playoffs. I don’t think he solely is the issue for this epic collapse, but now I want him to prove it to these two idiots.


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