Two Years Later…

Super Bowl week has been nothing short of madness, and it’s only Wednesday. This isn’t any ordinary Wednesday though. It’s February 1, 2017. To many it’s just another day, the first day of the shortest month of the year, one day closer to baseball season (we’re getting there guys don’t worry). To Patriots fans, however, it’s two years since Super Bowl XLIX.

I’ve watched that game more times than I can even count, including twice throughout this season. Every time, like the psychotic football fan that I am, I yell at the same plays, get fired up for every touchdown, and have an absolute heart attack courtesy of Jermaine Kearse’s circus catch with a minute left in the fourth quarter. Life stopped for a second after that. Two years later, I still remember my reaction. Hands on my head, staring at the television in utter shock, I look at my dad with tears in my eyes and say, “Not again…”

This would’ve been the third Super Bowl lost due to an absolute unreal catch. This would’ve been the third Super Bowl loss in a row for the New England Patriots. This would’ve proved that the Patriots in fact weren’t this immortal beast that we like to think they are. However… The game wasn’t over yet. Marshawn Lynch gets Seattle to the one yard line. Twenty-seven seconds left. You guys all know how this goes… “HEAVY THREE CORNERS! THREE CORNERS! MALCOLM GO!”

Second and goal, ball on the one. Russell Wilson in the gun and…


Two years since one of the most electrifying plays in Super Bowl history. Two years since a nobody free agent from West Alabama became a star player in the biggest game on earth. Although Butler’s quick thinking on Kearse’s catch saved a potential game winning touchdown, this was bigger. I’ve watched this interception at least a thousand times since over these last couple years and it never gets old. With everything going on, everyone on ESPN picking Atlanta to win, all the Patriots hate on social media, I felt like celebrating this anniversary was just what we need with four days left.

Malcolm Butler, no. 21, Super Bowl hero. Let’s do it again.


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