Goodell in Foxboro Sunday?

So, apparently the commish himself is planning to make an appearance at the AFC Championship game this coming Sunday. This means the most hated man in all of New England will be at Gillette Stadium, among thousands of people ready and willing to punch him in the face without hesitation. While him making these supposed plans public, I can think of a million other things that are more probable than not going to happen.

If Dallas won last night, and Goodell had the option to choose between being in the hostile environment that is Foxboro, or safe in the palace known as Jerry World, I feel like we all know what he’d choose. Jerry Jones is one of Satan’s (I’ll be referring to him as this from now on) favorite executives in the NFL, and the likelihood of him making out of there in one piece are considerably high. However, that’s not the case now. Green Bay left Dallas last night with the win, punching their ticket to the NFC Championship. Here’s the interesting twist: Atlanta is the home team, and Satan has already been to the Georgia Dome this post season. Do I think he’ll show how much of a coward he really is and make another trip to Atlanta? The answer is yes. I truly will be shocked if it’s announced later this week that he’ll be in Massachusetts come Sunday night.

I’d love for this jackass to be there Sunday, however, to witness the revenge tour first hand. There is nothing I want more than Tom Brady to throw the most beautiful touchdown of his career and point up at Satan in whatever warm and cozy box he’s sitting in. I’d love for Zolak to completely rip him a new one on the game broadcast. I pray that Roger “Satan” Goodell has this entire deflategate bullshit blow up in his face, in the house that Belichick built.

C’mon up, Rodger. We’ll be waiting for ya.



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