Get IT To The All-Star Game

I’m going to start off by saying this, if Isaiah Thomas doesn’t make the all-star game for whatever reason, I’m buying myself a ticket, flying down to New Orleans, and protesting. People can protest not getting their way about politics, or school, so I can protest about sports, right? Right.

After last season, we knew that IT was a top caliber player in the NBA, not just for his position but honestly all around. This season, however, he’s proved that he isn’t some one hit wonder, but someone opponents should be afraid of when they see the Celtics on their schedule. Last nights win over Washington was a statement game for Thomas, who took over the top spot in the “fourth quarter/OT points” category.

In the 117-108 win over John Wall and the Wizards, IT had 18 points at the end of the third. The Celtics had been trailing almost all game, but number 4 seems to flip a switch when heading into the fourth quarter. Thomas outscored HIMSELF in the fourth last night with 20 points that helped carry the C’s to their 24th win of the season. The 5’9 guard even hauled up a 3 in the final few minutes, missed, and got his own rebound put back. After watching it happen live, and rewatching the gif almost 50 times, look at how fast he gets down below the basket, and who he’s up against. The man, who is as tall as I am, is down there amongst the trees, more or less a foot taller than him.


The biggest punch in the mouth to Washington last night also came in the fourth quarter, when IT came up with yet another clutch 3-pointer AND HIGH FIVES FLOYD MAYWEATHER. Might have been a good idea to just end the game right then and there because if I were John Wall or any of the Washington Wizards, for that matter, I’d want to go home.

Last night’s performance isn’t anything new for Thomas, who has become one of Boston’s top stars. It almost seems blasphemous to compare any guard to the likes of Allen Iverson, but of course it had to happen. During their respective 27-year-old season, it’s advantage Isaiah, which is un-freakin-believable.


His numbers right now are even better than those of Steph Curry during his MVP season, aside from 3 point percentage of course; only off by 1.8% though if you want to get technical. He’s done all of this while averaging fewer minutes per game than the great AI, which is why it blows my mind he isn’t an automatic bid for the all-star game.

He’s sure as hell got a solid support system behind him, though. LeGarrette Blount, Rob Gronkowski, David Ortiz, and celebrities all over have been tweeting to make sure IT makes it to New Orleans. He’s climbing in the rankings, and hopefully by the time voting ends on January 17th, he’ll have enough votes to make him a starter.

You have a week left to vote, make sure #4 gets there.



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