Tom Brady’s Case For MVP

We’ve seen unreal talent be displayed this season, making it kind of difficult to say who is the sure winner for league MVP. As of right now, just like it’s been for the past few weeks, Tom Brady is leading the pack. Yes, he missed the first quarter of the season, and yes the Patriots went 3-1 without him, but no that should not matter.

I say that shouldn’t matter for this reason: New England is a melting pot of talent, whether you’re a superstar like Julian Edelman, or a third string rookie quarterback like Jacoby Brissett. If you’re lucky enough to be on this team, it’s for a reason. Although there was no Brady on the field and around the team for four games, there was still Blount, McCourty, Hightower, Gronk, Hogan, etc. There was still a high degree of talent to help the two backup quarterbacks succeed on offense, and although the defense struggled a bit early in the season, they still did their job.

Once the great Tom Brady came back, he’s been lights out. As if the Cleveland Browns weren’t having a tough season as is, they were TB12’s first victim on the revenge tour. Stats for that game are as follows: 28 pass completions on 40 attempts, 406 yards, 3 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, and 14 rushing yards (!!!). If that wasn’t a statement game, showing the country, the league, and the commissioner what they were in for, I’m not sure what was.


The regular season officially ended yesterday, and throughout the past 3 months we’ve seen just why Tom Brady deserves to be MVP. He’s broken records, he’s racked up stats absolutely unheard of for someone his age, and he’s led the New England Patriots to the 1 seed in the AFC headed into the playoffs. During 2016, Tom Brady became the winningest quarterback in NFL history, passing Peyton Manning. In the final game of the season against the Miami Dolphins, Brady also set the record for the best touchdown to interception ratio in league history finishing with 28 td’s and 2 picks. GOAT. He threw for just over 3,500 yards, and even proved how versatile he’s become over the years by racking up 64 rushing yards.

Matt Ryan, Dak Prescott, and Zeke have all had MVP caliber seasons and have all played the entire season, but this is Tom’s year. Personally I think he got screwed out of it last year, but that’s beside the point. I’ll be disappointed if he’s not named MVP this year, that’s for sure.

In typical Brady fashion, he said he could care less. All he cares about is winning games. Headed into the playoffs, that’s all I want my quarterback to think about.



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