Welcome to New England, Michael Floyd

It was reported the New England Patriots worked out return-man Devin Hester today, which seemed like big news. Within the same hour, however, bigger news broke. New England picked up former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd off of waivers. This comes just one day after Floyd was released by Arizona after a DUI bust.

I’ve seen a lot of mixed reactions to this, which is to be expected considering the situation. Picking up a player who just got in trouble for driving under the influence doesn’t exactly seem like “the Patriot way,” but at the same time it really does. Looking at this roster right now, how many players are currently on their second chance? It may not be the same situation of course, but Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick are notorious for picking up players down on their luck and turning them into stars. Chris Hogan is a perfect example of this. He was a backup on the Buffalo Bills, which is shocking considering how well he’s been playing this season. Now, he’s a starter for arguably the best team in the league.

So, how will Floyd fit in? Pretty well, I think. As we all know, Rob Gronkowski is done for the season, and Danny Amendola is out until the playoffs at very least. This leaves a gaping hole in this Patriots receiving core. His numbers may not be anything to marvel over despite a thousand yard season, but you also have to consider the team he’s been on for the past five¬†seasons. Carson Palmer is a top 10 quarterback, maybe not this season but overall I feel like he belongs in that group. Larry Fitzgerald is also on that team, obviously the number one target as he should be. That doesn’t exactly leave a lot of room for another superstar wide-out.


As a receiver in New England I have a good feeling his stats will climb. Quarterback Tom Brady likes to spread the wealth among his receiving core, which is something we’ve seen a lot this season considering injuries. His career long was 91 yards, which adds a much-needed deep threat to this offense that has already been firing on all cylinders.

With the Broncos coming up this Sunday, and the playoffs right around the corner, it really shows how the Patriots are viewing the post season. I even said this pickup is the most “super bowl” move they could possibly have made. Even though the kick return situation is a little shakey, I think adding another top receiver to this team that’s finally getting their shit together huge.

There’s only one way to find out obviously, let’s see if these masterminds Bob and Bill can do it again.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good stuff. Would be nice to see you write a piece on the Cowboys compared to the Pats, since there’s a good chance they’ll be playing the Super Bowl.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. briannapirre says:

      if that’s the super bowl match up, i definitely will


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