Missed It By That Much

I woke up yesterday morning thinking, “Philadelphia isn’t too far away, maybe I could go to the game tonight.” Tickets were as low as $15 so I was pumped, except for the fact that literally none of my friends wanted to go. None. If you guys are reading this, you kind of suck. Nevertheless, yesterday’s Bruins game against the Philadelphia Flyers was one of the more fun games I can remember between the two. Despite crappy officiating, it was actually pretty exciting to watch. Although regulation time ended with two goals a piece, it really was a goalie showdown. Steven Mason and Tuukka Rask both had a hell of a game, stopping 45 and 19 shots, respectively.

Philly jumped out to an early two goal lead in the first period, after some God awful Bruins defense if you want my honest opinion. The first goal was semi-earned by the Flyers but like… not really. Del Zotto ripped one from the point that probably would’ve went in either way, but McQuaid screened his own damn goalie. Boom, 1-0. I never was one to think that giving up a goal and then getting right back on a penalty kill was a good idea but Boston apparently did… So here they are, man down, and then Riley Nash’s stick snaps in half, so essentially it was a 5 on 3.5, until he tried to rush to the bench to grab another twig. In that span of two seconds, it was 5 on 3 and Philly took full advantage of it. Just like that it was 2-0 bad guys. You know how there’s this thing called the commentators curse? Like when the guy calling a football game brings up how perfect a kicker has been and then he ultimately misses? Maybe not this season because kickers suck but still.. That sort of happened last night just in reverse. Claude Giroux was in a goal drought, which wasn’t even that bad because it was nowhere near as long as Jimmy Hayes’ so I don’t understand the big deal. Regardless, he hadn’t scored in nine games, and the fella calling last nights game for NBCSN reiterated it about 30 times. Anyway, the reason I bring that up is because Giroux is the reason Philadelphia went up 2-0, scoring his fifth goal of the year.


The second period was considerably boring so I won’t really go into detail about it. No one scored, there were a few penalties, some big hits, but that’s it.

So here we are, third period, Bruins down by two still. I was starting to consider calling it a night and going to bed, but after some powerful rushes and big saves by Rask, I decided to finish out the game. I’m glad I did honestly. Boston finally got on the board about five minutes into the third after a knuckle puck from David Krejci that bounced its way past Mason. One minute and 18 seconds later, Brad Marchand was in the right place at the right time, coralling a rebound and scoring the game tying goal with more than half the period still remaining.

At the 13:37 mark, Jake Voracek was given an iffy penalty shot after being held by Joe Morrow. It didn’t look like enough to warrant a PS but like I said before, we saw some pretty bad officiating last night. Rask came up with a huge weak side save that kept the game tied, and kept the momentum with the Bruins.

After that, the rest of the game was a battle of wits. Do you play smart and conservative and send it into overtimes or do you go balls to the wall and look for the game winner? It was a mixture of both. The B’s continued to attack Mason with shots, and he continued to fight them off with these miraculous saves. The same could be said for Rask, who definitely earned some apologies from this hater (me, I’m talking about me).

The game went into overtime, ensuring at least one point for each team which was kind of important for a Boston team that’s really kind of struggling to win games as of late. The entire OT period was physical, so much so that Marchand and Simmonds went at it and both landed themselves in the penalty box. One thing I love about this is the fact that they were having a full on conversation from their respective boxes, wondering if this means they wouldn’t be able to participate in the shootout.

I figured overtime was over, and I started mentally preparing myself for the anxiety that is a Bruins shootout, when Claude frickin’ Giroux decides to give me a heart attack. With six seconds left, he fires a shot that I for sure thought was the game winner. Rask decided that wasn’t the case and made the biggest, wildest save of the night. So wild that Giroux looked at him and said “are you f*&!ing serious?” I said the same thing, if you were wondering.


The shootout was pretty ugly. I feel like the majority of the Boston team forgot that the main concept of said shootout was to SHOOT the puck. Spooner was the first to go for the B’s, and he decided to be too cute and ultimately lost the puck, without even taking a shot. This happened three more times, until Nose Face Killah sped down the ice and netted one for Boston. I’m not exaggerating either, he literally flew. Marchand was the only Bruin to score during the shootout, although Krug and Backes came pretty close. Torey got screwed by the cross bar, and Backes got absolutely robbed by Steve Mason. Also, can’t forget this absolutely unreal save by Mason on Pastrnak… This man is insane.


Shayne Gostisbehere sealed Philly’s win in the ninth round of last nights shootout, putting the end to what was a pretty sick game. Even though it was a loss, Boston played really well once they decided to wake up. Next game is tomorrow night against Carolina up at TD Garden and there’s a high possibility I’ll be live tweeting… So hit ya girl with a follow, my in-game tweets are some of my best work.


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