Confirmed: The Bruins Don’t Totally Suck

This afternoon’s Bruins game against Tampa Bay was one that I almost didn’t watch. After the last three games ending in losses I was discouraged, and I seriously contemplated being a crappy fan and not even tuning in. But, I bit the bullet. I asked myself, “How bad could it be without Stamkos?,” even though I really didn’t have a good feeling about it whatsoever.

The first period of was a pretty even battle, with ample chances from both sides and overall extremely aggressive play. Unfortunately, John-Michael Liles was knocked out of the game early, after a scary crash into the boards that left him motionless on the ice for a few minutes and eventually had to be helped off and into the locker room.  After that, Boston was left with only five blueliners for the rest of the game. I thought that was a death sentence. Much to my surprise though that actually sparked a fire under their asses. This was one of the better games this team has played all season. End of the first, no score, but a lot of physical and emotional play which is something we haven’t seen much of coming from Boston.

Second period underway, with a lot of dominance right away from the B’s. A little over two minutes into the period, Dom Moore, who has had no trouble proving why he’s an excellent addition to this team, nets his sixth of the season and first of the game. Boston up 1-0. If they weren’t absolutely in control of this game before that goal, they sure as hell were now. Ten minutes later, the B’s found themselves on the attacking side of a penalty. Torey Krug, who has been uncharacteristically quiet this season fires a shot from the point, which was tipped by Bergeron and also David Backes. 2-0. The goal went to Backes, making that his fifth goal of the season.

Brace yourselves for this next one, it almost sent me into cardiac arrest…


At the start of this game I sent out this tweet…


Santa decided to deliver about a month early because Jimmy scored his first goal since February tonight. You read that correctly, don’t worry. He knew he was in a wicked drought as well, throwing that annoying monkey off his back during his celly. Twitter almost blew up from everyone tweeting how shocked they were, but it was honestly great. He needed that, I was getting concerned that if he didn’t show some life within the next few games he’d be sent down to Providence, and although I’ll be the first to admit I was ready to send him there, I didn’t really want to.

The only goal of the third period came from David Pastrnak who is arguably one of the most electric players in the league right now. Although it looked like it bounced off of Bergeron’s stick, replay showed that in fact bounced in off a Tampa defender’s skate, ultimately resulting in Pasta’s 13th goal of the season and bumping him up to number two on the league’s goal leaders list.

Tuukka almost had a shutout. He let up an easy one late in the third, but other than that he played one of the best games I think he’s had in months. I’m not his number one fan, that’s common knowledge, but I’ll give the guy credit where credit is due. He absolutely deserved to be the number one star of this game.


Dare I say this is the start of an upward climb for the Bruins? I might not go that far because I’ve been known to be let down by this team. But… Hot take of the night: Pastrnak has a 50 goal season. He’s too good to expect anything less, and he himself knows that. Especially being on a line with Marchand and Bergeron, it’s just asking him to bury Sidney Crosby on the leaders list and have an unreal season at such a young age.

I’m on an adrenaline high from the B’s and Pats wins, but this winning thing is fun. This should happen more often.


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