Mid-Season Recap

Coming off of the bye week, the New England Patriots are heading into the second half of the season with a record of 7-1.

Before we go any further I just want to take a look at that one loss. It came in week four against Buffalo, in the final week of Tom Brady’s suspension. Rex Ryan did his typical gig the entire week, talking more than coaching. The Bills came into Gillette and won 16-0. This was the first time New England had been shut out since 2006, and shut out at home since 1993. This was an ugly game from the Pats, there’s no question about that, but with an injured third string quarterback I didn’t expect anything less.

So here’s how the first half of the season went, if you missed it for whatever reason…

Week one: Jimmy G and company showed up in Arizona, silencing pretty much everyone by beating the Cards 23-21.

Week two: Season opener at Gillette, first one without Brady in years. The Pats were rolling until Jimmy got knocked out of the game by Kiko Alonso. Enter Jacoby Brissett who did his job. Pats win 31-24.

Week three: Jacoby gets his first start. New England absolutely destroys Brock Osweiler and the rest of the Houston Texans, a team that everyone picked to win. Well, they got shut out, and the Patriots grabbed their third win of the season by a score of 27-0. ZERO.

Week four: Already went over that, no need to beat a dead horse.

Week five: BRADY’S BACK! Those poor Cleveland Browns, they didn’t deserve to be the first team Brady faced. The 39 year-old stud looked better than ever (not just from a football standpoint *wink wink*) and lead New England to a 33-13 victory.

Week six: Another AFC matchup against Cinncinatti. They started off hot but eventually played like the Bengals team we’re so used to. Vontaze Burfict is a punk. Pats win 35-17.

Week seven: The Patriots take a trip to the steel city, facing a Roethlisberger-less team. With or without Big Ben this was an important game, the first of the season. No matter… Another win, 27-16.

Week eight: Buffalo again, this time at their place. This time with Tom Brady. Rex even said “12 is back.” He knew what he and his team were in for. In typical Patriots fashion, they laid a beating on the only team to beat them so far this season. Pats win 41-25 headed into the bye week.

This week off came at a pretty good time. Everyone who’s banged up gets some time to rest and prepare for the super bowl rematch this coming Sunday against Seattle. Watching the Seahawks play right now, I’m nowhere near as afraid as I was circa February 2015. They’re a good team don’t get me wrong, but there’s no question this Patriots team is even better.

Looking at the rest of the season, there’s only two games I could see being potentially close… This Sunday against Seattle (week 10) and then the week 15 matchup against Denver at Mile High. The only reason that one concerns me is because New England has had issues playing out there in the past, but this Broncos team is not the team it used to be.

So here’s the second half schedule:

Week 10 vs. Seattle at home.

Week 11 at the 49ers.

Week 12 at the Jets (now accepting predictions of how many interceptions Fitz throws).

Week 13 vs. the LA Rams… Still weird to say.

Week 14 vs. Baltimore.

Week 15 at Denver.

Week 16 vs. NYJ again.

Week 17 at Miami.

Hot take: New England finishes the regular season 16-1. You heard it here first sports fans. The revenge tour is in full swing and it’s not going to stop until that fifth Lombardi trophy is safe and sound at One Patriot Place and Roger Goodell is out of a job.

Enjoy the second half of the season guys, should be a doozy.




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