There’s Only One Malcolm Boston Can Count On, And His Last Name Isn’t Subban

We all know what Malcolm Butler did in the super bowl, and how well he plays shut down defense against top ranked wideouts. Malcolm Subban on the other hand, doesn’t live up to the same hype.

Subban got the start in Tuesday night’s game against the Minnesota Wild, due to both Tuukka Rask and Anton Khudobin being injured, leaving Zane McIntyre at backup. 22 year-old Malcolm Subban has only played one game in his NHL career, and that ended in a loss. He only faced six shots, but let up three of them. So for those who are mathematically challenged like myself, his save percentage was an unimpressive 50%. This game against the Wild wasn’t much better. The first period wasn’t terrible, I’ll give him that. But then the second period… The first goal was a weird one, it kinda hopped right through the legs of Subban. Goal number two, a whopping 12 seconds later, kind of twisted the knife. From these two goals alone you can tell Malcolm is the type of goalie to get in his own head. After letting up one goal it’s like his brain shuts down. Ever see the episode of Spongebob where he tries to remember his name and he absolutely can’t, so all the little Spongebobs in his brain freak the hell out? Yeah, kind of like that.


A few minutes go by, and the B’s find themselves on the back end of a penalty, again. Surprise surprise. Ensuing face off, Minnesota wins it and fires a shot almost from the blue line, and of course it goes in. Subban let up 3 goals in a period, and obviously got pulled right away. Zane McIntyre stepped in and made an amazing poke save, so things were starting to look up!… For all of two minutes, and there it was, 4-0.

I have never been so happy for a period to end in my entire hockey loving life. McIntyre eventually gave up another goal and the Bruins lost their third game of the season by a score of 5-0. I’m not blaming this all on the goaltending because that’s a tall task for the two young kids on such short notice, but at the same time if you’re good enough to be in the league, you should be good enough not to completely embarrass yourself. In all aspects, this team was flat tonight. Flatter than flat if that’s even possible.

Whatever is going on with Rask needs to get situated real fast, because if things continue the way they are right now, we’re in for trouble. Don Sweeney told the media today that Dobby’s injury is going to have him out for three weeks, so Subban is most likely going to be the backup. After tonight that really scares me, and it should scare every other fan out there.

Follow up to my last post… Yes, we should be worried.

Dammit, I’m breaking this bad boy out until things get better.





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