The Hunt For Red(Sox) October

It’s a gross, rainy morning here in southern New England but it feels like sunshine and rainbows because the Sox just swept the Yankees. Living so close to New York and going to a college where the vast majority of students are from the New York/New Jersey area, I’m pretty much alone when it comes to my Boston fandom. However, I’m wearing my hat with pride, while also being a little petty but that’s okay.

For those living under a rock, the reason I have a flexing Hanley Ramirez as the cover photo for this post is because he paved the way for this 4-game beat down. Some might say he made his case to take over Manny’s Yankee killer position… Some. Maybe me. Sorry not sorry.


I have supporting evidence though! In the last 11 games, he’s crushed 8 homers. Most of which have been in the clutch. Obviously the amazing walk off in the series opener against the Yanks, and then again last night sending a 3-run blast to the Monster, and then another in the bottom of the 7th inning. This one, again, flew over the Monster and right on to Landsdowne Street.


On top of all that, MVP Mookie had a hell of a series, capped off with two amazing catches out in right field. X-Man has gotten back on track at the right time after a kind of crappy second half of the season. AND PITCHING WASN’T HALF BAD. Knock on wood after reading that sentence, twice actually just to be safe. If this past series isn’t an indicator of how deadly this team will be come playoff time, I don’t know what is.

So here we are, starting off a 10 game road trip down in Baltimore against the 3-games-back Orioles. The momentum coming off this sweep is so important because although we’re so close to October, there’s still so much regular season baseball to be played. It’s gotten to be that time where not only are we hoping for Boston to win, but also whoever is playing Toronto and Baltimore to keep them a few games back. Yes, that means rooting for the Yankees a time or two has to happen, as sickening as it sounds.

All I know is we’re two weeks away from October 4th, the start of playoffs. The Sox are hot.

#WinDanceRepeat all the way to a championship.



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