Big Bats Back in Bean Town

Mid-September is crunch time in the world of major league baseball, especially right now in the AL East. My beloved Red Sox are in first place for those who didn’t know, two games ahead of the rivals from the great white north, and three games ahead of the O’s… Who are the latest team to suffer the wrath of the hitting barrage this Sox offense is known for.

Boston sits atop the stat list in terms of runs per game with an average of 5.61 on the season. Last nights 12-run outing was just the latest demonstration. This season alone, Boston has 20 games (all wins) where they’ve scored 10 runs or more, and many more with at least 5.

Last night, the Sox had at least one run in every inning except for one, leading off the game with a 5 run first inning. What made it even sweeter was those runs came off of Wade Miley, a former Boston pitcher, and we all remember what happened with that…


Everyone played a major role in last night’s 12-2 beat down over the Orioles. Starting off with David Price who really has turned his act around since the beginning of the season. I’ll admit I said a time or two that he was a waste of money but his past few starts have made me eat those words. Through his last 7 starts, he’s 7-o and has an ERA of 2.16 (credits to Carrabis for tweeting those stats, couldn’t find them to save my life.) That’s the David Price productivity that the Sox paid for when picking him up, which I think everyone forgot about since he had such a slow start to the season.

Here’s the list of every player who had a hit last night…

Dustin Pedroia went 2-4 adding to his hot hitting streak.

Xander Bogaerts went 2-6.

Big Papi went 2-3 with a deep single and a clutch homer.

Mookie went 1-5 with an RBI double in the first inning.

My boy, El Trece (Hanley Ramirez for the newbies) went 2-3 with an absolute bomb over the Green Monstah. OVER IT.

Aaron Hill went 2-5, and Chris Young finished the night going 3-4 with a single, double and a homer which granted him the solo in Monday night’s #WinDanceRepeat.

That’s over half the lineup being productive at the plate, and we all know what they can do on defense. Even baseball God Tim Kurkjian says he has the Sox winning the AL East. Obviously that turned my mood around after battling strep throat all weekend long. All I would be concerned about with 19 games left before the crazy month of October begins is that the bullpen gets its s*** together. Yes I went with that “s” word because that’s what it deserves. Not for nothing but the Sox would be unstoppable if they had a consistent bullpen, which we all know they don’t. Thank god for Pretty Ricky and his unreal 20 win season, and the new found heat David Price has been throwing. Without that I don’t think this team would be in the position that they’re in right now. Knock on wood this keeps up because of all the high praise I’m giving.

So here’s how the rest of the season plays out…

Finishing up this series with the O’s, then the Yankees come up to Fenway. After that it’s down to Camden Yards for a 4 game series, all the way down to the very empty Trop for 3 with the Rays, back up north to the Bronx for the last Yanks/Sox series of the season, and then finishing off the only way I’d want it… A fight to the death up in Boston against the Toronto Blue Jays. Not the easiest way to finish the season but I have nothing but faith in this team, and I haven’t been able to say that in a while.



…come on did you really think I’d finish a Red Sox piece without showing a little love to the kid?




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